Beaumont Hills

Message from the Acting Head of Campus

Ms Mehar-Khan
Acting Head of Campus
Beaumont Hills

Malek Fahd Beaumont Hills Campus has just over 300 students and 25 staff with all the advantages a small campus has to offer. Over the years the campus has been able to establish a close knit community with the help of our supportive parents, students and staff.

Beaumont Hills’ campus believes in nurturing the whole individual and understands the important role parents play in the education of a child to ensure improved outcomes. Some of the extracurricular activities provided at the campus include netball, choir, Zenith Club, environment club, drama, readers’ theatre, chess and many more.

To complement the learning in class, planned excursions and incursions are provided which have helped to enhance our students’ learning. The Campus has all resources essential to cater to Kindergarten to Year 11 in 2017 such as a fully functional Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, TAS, Music and Arts Room and Library.

Ms Mehar Khan


Malek Fahd Beaumont Hills Campus
20 Mungerie Rd
Beaumont Hills, NSW, 2155
Ph: 02 8814 5282
Fax: 02 8814 5283