Beaumont Hills

Message from the  Head of Campus

Mrs. Mehar Khan

Head of Campus
Beaumont Hills

Malek Fahd Beaumont Hills Campus is located in the picturesque surrounds of the Hills district. The Campus continues to grow from 22 students and 3 staff when it first opened its doors in April 2011. The campus now attracts hundreds of new enrolments and is expanding in size each year.  Over the years, the campus has been able to establish a connected community with the help of our supportive parents, students and staff. The Campus provides various curricula, extra-curricular and religious activities to enhance our children’s learning of not only the curriculum but the outside world and our deen.  

Beaumont Hills’ campus shares and upholds the School’s vision of the holistic development of our children through providing relevant curricula and having a robust wellbeing framework, informed through an Islamic worldview.  Every effort is taken to help our children achieve academic excellence. Our Year 12 graduates have all received places at various universities and continue to make us proud. We also support and guide our children to build a lasting connection with Allah (swt) with the hope of instilling moral empowerment where our children continue to make the right choices even after they graduate from school.  

As a faith based Islamic school, a lot of importance is placed on tarbiyah and instilling adab in our children. Equal importance is also placed in promoting a culture of service where we learn to give back to the community and the less fortunate. The professional and dedicated Campus staff are well equipped to be the role models our children need.

The Beaumont Hills Campus is a great place for our children to grow and learn. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mrs. Mehar Khan


Malek Fahd Beaumont Hills Campus
20 Mungerie Rd
Beaumont Hills, NSW, 2155

Ph: 02 8814 5282