Chair's Message

Malek Fahd Islamic School has a fine tradition for educating young people to succeed and to make positive and constructive contributions to our community and our nation.

The achievements of our students at all levels year in and year out is testament to the quality of Malek Fahd, its staff and community.

As you can see from the brief descriptions of each Board member, individually and collectively, your Board brings a wealth of expertise and experience to its task.  It is an honour to lead such a group of skilled and dedicated people.

The Board could not do its work without the trust of the school community and its wonderful support and encouragement.  Thank you to you all.

The spirit of our School and our shared commitment to excellence continues to strengthen.  This reflects positive attitudes and a deep, shared pride in our School among students, staff and families.

Challenges often bring out the best in us.  Good organisations and good people look at what needs to be done to resolve problems and then work together to achieve shared goals.  That’s how everybody makes an important contribution to the success of an organisation.  It is this commitment and collaboration that continues to serve Malek Fahd so well.

There are more than 2300 wonderful young Australians enrolled at our School.  All of you deserve every chance to achieve your dreams.  It’s why we exist and why this Board is determined to advance Malek Fahd Islamic School and all who dedicate themselves to it.

So, my message to students, their parents and the staff members of the School is, ‘Dare to dream.  Work hard to achieve what you dream’.