Who can enrol?
Students from the Kindergarten to Year 12.
Is it co-educational?
The Board of the School chose to have a co-educational experience to allow for families to have all their children in the one school. It was felt that co-education was the most natural approach to education.
Will my child be taught Arabic and Religion?
Yes. the students will be taught Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies. Trained teachers and members of the community ensure that the content and teaching equips students for their life in the Australian Community, whilst also celebrating their heritage and language.
Are fees charged?
Yes. The fee structure is available on this website. The Board has established a scope of fees which allows families to afford this quality education. It reflects great value for the investment in a child’s education.
Do students wear a uniform?
The school does have a uniform. Please refer to the Uniform Policy on the website. The price list (available on this site)
Is there a sport programme?
The School is most fortunate to have the expertise of both our own staff and visiting profession coaches to train students and develop our sports programme. Many internal competitions coupled with competing in local and independent School competitions in a variety of sports.
Are there additional activities for students?
This area continues to develop as the School grows. Areas such as Sports, Art Classes, Public Speaking, Quran Competitions, Community Services, Duke Edinburgh and STEM are being added to regularly.