Greenacre Secondary

Head of Campus Message

The Greenacre Secondary teaching team aim to deliver the ultimate experience to all our students.  Our present student body and alumni are proud of the School's reputation and success. We expect each of our students to embrace this hardworking and successful culture and InshaAllah they too, will contribute to the future success of the school.

Islam has been integrated in the curriculum throughout all grades and has been designed to meet the aims of the school and support the School Vision and Mission Statement.

We offer a wide range of courses including compression and VET courses for HSC students.

The Wellbeing team, consisting of the Heads of House, Year Advisors, and Mentors offer a dynamic and effective service to the students. Their leadership in delivering innovative programs, supporting student wellbeing initiatives, and enhancing the educational experience of all students is second to none.

Greenacre Secondary is strongly involved in community events and fund raisers which are aligned to the teachings, values and ethos of Islam. A highlight s always the month of Ramadan, where we are privileged to share together all the blessings that this month brings. The spirit, the true identity of MFIS is on full display during this holy month.

MFIS has been a great institution, founded on values of respect, hard work and sense of community. Generation after generation of graduates have done the community proud. MFIS continues to produce outstanding graduates and will continue to deliver teaching pedagogy of the highest standard. The hard work of all MFIS stakeholders has contributed to the great standards and reputation of the school.

Looking forward to meeting you

Mr Ali Dib



Greenacre Secondary
405 Waterloo Road
NSW 2190
P O BOX 5548, Chullora NSW 2190
Ph: (02) 8732 7800