Hoxton Park

Head of Campus Message

Welcome to Malek Fahd Hoxton Park (MFHP). It is important to us that everyone who steps through our doors, be staff, students and parents feel welcomed into our Hoxton Park family. This enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment.

Our school has a dedicated and professional team of teachers who are committed to providing a holistic learning environment with high expectations, developing the full potential of each child, and insisting on continuous improvement for all students.

MFHP aims to provide quality education coupled with extra-curricular activities and nurture its students into becoming good Australian Muslims.

Over the years, our campus has grown in popularity and now attracts hundreds of new enrolments. It is expanding in size each year and the development of the Stage 3 Building site is due to be completed in January 2022. The new facilities will include state-of-the-art science labs, a bright and airy purpose-built library, new classrooms, and a cafeteria-style canteen. It will be surrounded by a lush green playground and fresh basketball courts.

Each year we look forward to the school engaging with the community and being involved in events and activities. We also have a strong focus on sport and recreational activities.

Malek Fahd Hoxton Park is a friendly, vibrant, community-minded campus, whose decisions always put our students first. We are very keen to involve our community in our learning, developing true partnerships that value each student. We hope that through your participation and interest you will also come to feel very much a part of our school and its warm and generous community.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Ms Mona Kassem




Malek Fahd Hoxton Park Campus
210 Pacific Palms Circuit
Hoxton Park
NSW 2171
Ph: 02 8783 5190
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