Making a Complaint

Raising a Concern or Making a Complaint

Malek Fahd Islamic School aims to foster a safe and supportive environment for its students, staff, parents/caregivers and community members.

The School recognises that from time to time, members of the School community may feel unhappy about something that is happening at the School or a decision that has been taken by the School.

The School appreciates being made aware of concerns or complaints as soon as possible and seeks to resolve issues fairly and swiftly.

For this reason, the School has in place a policy and procedures for the School community members to express their concerns or make a complaint.

The policy is consistent across the four School campuses, however the procedures at each campus vary slightly.

Click on the School campus below for information about:

  • who you should contact to raise a concern or complaint
  • how you should raise it
  • how the School will handle your concern or complaint

Greenacre Primary Campus

Greenacre Secondary Campus

Beaumont Hills Campus

Hoxton Park Campus