Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Parents Advisory Committee is composed of 14 members (parents who currently have or who previously had children in the school) from Greenacre, Hoxton Park and Beaumont Hills Campuses.

The primary objective of the PAC is to provide advice and assistance to the MFIS board in its oversight responsibilities relating to the operation of the school.

The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Representing the views of the school community to the College Board
  • Becoming involved in the "life" of the school
  • Arranging meetings to obtain the views of the parents and the wider community regarding issues relevant to PAC responsibilities
  • Providing support and advice on matters the College Board requests
  • Providing support to the school in areas such as: social functions, uniform requirements, maintenance of school grounds, fundraising, educational support, etc

What is PAC?

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a proactive committee aimed at enhancing the multi-faceted aspects of education at MFIS.

Please email any
suggestions, issues, expressions
of interest to join the PAC to: