Parent Teacher Interview Registration

Parent Portal Instructions

For schools that have implemented the NEW Parent Portal the screens below are applicable.


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Click on the Interview Icon



The screen will display the current interviews available to the parent for their child/ren.


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Click on Timeslots


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Available timeslots are noted in black and unavailable a greyed out. Click on the available timeslot and a message will appear confirming the booking  A picture containing graphical user interface

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If you are not planning  to attend, click on the Not Attending option and a message will appear confirming your choose. 


As per the note provided, you will see your timer banner in the top bar of your screen to advise how long you have to finalise your bookings. 



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As there is often a large volume of parents and teachers making bookings, this will ensure that all parents have the chance to schedule a booking with the required staff members.


Click on Save Bookings for confirmation.  


A list of your Interviews and timeslots will now display


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