Parents Committees

Parents Committees

In early 2021, the MFIS Board undertook a review of the school’s Parents Advisory Committee. The review found many parents across the school’s campuses feel connected to their campus and are seeking opportunities to contribute to campus life in practical and meaningful ways.


For this reason, the Board has decided to establish a Parents Committee at each of the school’s campuses: Beaumont Hills, Hoxton Park, Greenacre Primary and Greenacre Secondary. The Parents Committees will commence operation from February 2022.


The Board envisages that the campus-based Parents Committees will make a significant contribution to campus life.


Nomination process

The Board is now calling for nominations for membership of the inaugural campus Parents Committees. Parents may nominate themselves or others for membership using the MFIS Nominations Form. If nominating another parent, please consult with them first.


Prior to nominating, all applicants are asked to carefully read the Terms of Reference.


Nominations close 5pm, Monday 8 November 2021.