“The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” – Ken Doherty

The spirit of our sporting culture at Malek Fahd Islamic School is strong, alive and thriving by the year. We take sports and our students' ability to set and achieve goals very seriously, ensuring we build generations of strong and independent individuals with high self-esteem. Equipped with dedicated staff and encouraged by a great parental support and approach to sports, MFIS, through the will of Allah has seen successes over the years and 2017 and beyond is no exception Inshallah. 

A History of our PSSA 

We have the unprecedented privilege of being the only Islamic school to join the Bankstown District for PSSA sports and in 2013 we were given the opportunity to enter new sports that include Rugby league, Basketball, Newcombe ball and girls cricket. Our wins and sporting success has placed Malek Fahd at the forefront of the sporting culture in the District with a 100% entry into the Grand Finals every year for most of our teams since 2013. This achievement is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of our staff, students and our parents who come to the games and support their children. The sports offered and coached by our dedicated primary staff include:

Summer sports:
•    Boys/girls basketball,
•    Boys/girls cricket,
•    Boys/girls softball and teeball and
•    A mixed  AFL team.

Winter sports:
•    Boys/girls soccer,
•    Rugby league,
•    Touch football,
•    Netball and
•    Boys/girls newcombe ball.

PSSA allows our students to compete against other schools whilst promoting a strong sense of school representation. Such representation educates our students about responsibility and respect, whilst boosting their sportsmanship, self-esteem and health. 

Additionally, our school recognises that it’s vital for all students to participate and enjoy sports and leisure, not just at a competitive level. To fulfil this ethos, our students who don’t participate in PSSA were part of weekly rotational sport roster that include:

Athletics Carnivals

A huge highlight throughout the year is our school sports athletics carnival, which is the first major event for our Kindergarten students. For our school, the Athletics carnival isn’t just about dressing in house colours and competing, it’s a unique showcase of all the amazing talents our students have to offer. It’s an event that allows us to work as a school community in a fun environment.  It’s an opportunity to introduce our students to the wonderful world of competitive sports outside of our comfort zone with the opportunity for them to represent themselves. The Crest Athletics Centre is turned into a sea of blue, red, yellow and green as MFIS primary students from Kindergarten to Year 6 wear their house colours with pride. “Go Safa, go!” is rivalled by the enthusiastic roars of “Go Marwa! Go Mena! Go Medina!” As with every year, our students perform with skill and team spirit. The key values students gain are independence, self-esteem, team-work, and most importantly, physical health. Sports carnivals maximize students’ potential to gain an interest in physical activity which is an essential part of their well-being.

We run three carnivals per year for primary: splitting Kindergarten- Year 2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6. With smaller, concentrated groups, each stage gets to show their optimum skills in a playful environment. 

Swim School

By virtue of living of this great country, our passion for the outdoors and beach/pool culture renders the need to swim of the essence to every individual. By facilitating this initiative, our school can ensure that your child has access to swimming lessons and develop/enhance their skills. Our swimming school is held at Hurstville Aquatic Centre and brings equal delight and fun across all grades. Our kids always approach their lessons with diligence and skill and improve with every lesson.  We’d like to thank all the dedicated instructors, staff and students as well as parents. 

Overall, this school’s success couldn’t have been possible without the blessing of Allah swt and support from our principal Ms Pinad El-Ahmad whose aptitude for implementing diligence and safety for all our students is exceptionally paramount. A huge thanks to all our staff and coaches who always show support and mentorship for all students. To our parents, we tip our hats off for  being an excellent source of encouragement, discipline and support and standing by and encouraging your children to always achieve their best. Finally, well done to the PDHPE staff for a successful coordinating year, we hope for a bigger and better years ahead InshaAllah!