Student Leadership

Prefects work intensively throughout the year in facilitating the development of a positive leadership and team skills culture amongst fellow students while developing these capabilities themselves.

Elections for the prefecture are held at the end of Term Three where students from Years 11 and 12 go through a nomination/election process. All students from years 9 through to twelve have a vote in this election. The offices of School Captain, Vice-Captain and Senior Prefect are then voted upon by the newly elected year 12 prefects as their executive body. Each of these positions plays a lead role in the running of the school and critical events and activities throughout the year. The principal has the authority to veto any student nominated for prefect or stand down a current prefect if they are not performing their duties according to the oath that every prefect takes when assuming office.

Prefects meet weekly with the Prefect Coordinator to plan activities and project initiatives. The group also participates in a variety of development workshops throughout the year to develop specific skills.