Why Malek Fahd?

Malek Fahd Islamic School is an advanced and high achieving school which has served our community for over 30 years. The core values of the school are to provide opportunities for its students to excel in education and to contribute valuably to the community. The School’s motto ‘Knowledge is light and work is worship’ aims to develop each child intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, religiously, morally, aesthetically and vocationally to ensure that the students are happy and successful citizens of Australia living within an Australian context.

Our vision is to provide equality academic education that enables students to make positive contributions as active citizens. The school is proud comprehensive, coeducational and prides itself as an academic school with a focus on community school engagement such as inter-faith dialogue and school interchange programs. Values such as respect and tolerance are the core of school-based activities such as Harmony Day assemblies, Cultural day, Theatre & Show Performance, Remembrance Day and Anzac Day ceremonies. This provides opportunities to promote respect, responsibilities and selflessness in choices that students make.

Malek Fahd Islamic School

The school addresses environmental sustainability and provides opportunities for promoting active citizenship and responsibility within the community by students actively participating in Clean Up Australia Day, Steam Watch and Tree planting, which may be undertaken with other local schools.

To promote healthy eating lifestyles, students participate in a variety of health awareness programs such as the Crunch and Sip Program, Healthy Harold, boot camp and gymnastics, soccer, athletics and swimming.

Malek Fahd Islamic School welcomes students from other religions, organisations and schools for cultural exchange where students network and discuss differences and similarities, their individual cultural/religious experiences to break down stereotypes and develop mutual respect.