Knowledge gained today becomes the actions of tomorrow.



Islam is our way of life

At Malek Fahd Islamic School, we believe that Islam is a complete way of life. It is the light that guides all aspects of our educational philosophy.

We are dedicated to nurturing our faith, both in our classrooms and in our homes, encouraging all students and parents to apply the principles of Islam to their everyday.

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A relentless pursuit of excellence

Our school embodies a commitment to faith-led learning through the relentless pursuit of excellence, striving every day to strengthen our faith, our communities and ourselves.

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Striving every day to strengthen our faith

Practicing Islam is an ongoing journey that requires dedication. Through our daily activities and campus experience we aim to create an environment that supports the spiritual growth of our students.


A life in service to others

Service to others is not only a way to fulfil our duty as Muslims, but also a source of spiritual growth. Through a variety of community engagement opportunities, we offer our students the chance to put their faith into action.

Dedication to learning is a lifelong act of worship.

At Malek Fahd Islamic School, each of our four beautiful campuses celebrates a unique connection to place, purpose and practice as together we walk the path to knowledge, guided by the light of Islam.