Leadership and governance

At the heart of the school lies the executive team, whose role is vital in ensuring the school’s success. They work hand in hand with the leaders at each campus, providing strategic direction and support, while fostering positive relationships with both students and parents. By working together with each campus head, the executive team endeavours to create a cohesive and harmonious learning environment that benefits everyone.


Executive team

Dr Zachariah Matthews – Principal

Sheikh Fawaz Kamaz – School Chaplain

Mr Aiyub Ahmed – Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Community

Ms Tulin Bragg – Deputy Principal Teaching & Learning

Mr Aiyaz Ali – Business Manager & Board Secretary

Ms Fatme Tahsildar – Human Resource Manager

Mr Omar Merheb – Head of Campus Greenacre Secondary

Mr Ali Arabaci – Head of Campus Greenacre Primary

Ms Mehar Khan – Head of Campus Beaumont Hills

Ms Nasheen Parker – Acting Head of Campus Hoxton Park


Our Sheikhs

Sheikh Fawaz Kamaz (School Chaplain – Cross Campus)

Sheikh Khaled Bouchafaa (Director of Faith)

Sheikh Arshad Khan (Greenacre Secondary)

Sheikh Isa (Greenacre Primary)

Sheikh Abul Salaam (Hoxton Park)

Sheikh Yousef (Beaumont Hills)


Messages from the Board

The board at Malek Fahd Islamic School has a crucial role in overseeing the executive team and ensuring the ongoing operation of the school. Through regular communication channels such as newsletters, the board maintains transparency and keeps stakeholders informed of governance decisions, infrastructure updates, and wider decisions. Messages from the board highlight important discussions and plans for the school, including any crucial changes in policies and initiatives, as well as information about the overall direction of the school.

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School Policies

At Malek Fahd Islamic School, we value the importance of establishing clear guidelines and procedures for all members of our school community. Policies play a crucial role in achieving this goal and ensuring that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities. We have a range of policies in place for our students and staff, such as the student behaviour policy, policies on staff conduct, and a health and safety policy, among others. Our policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they align with current best practices and meet the evolving needs of our school community.

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Our latest annual report

Our annual report is an opportunity for us to share with our community a thoughtful reflection of the year’s accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the future. It is a vital means of fostering transparency and accountability between the executive team and the school board and our stakeholders.

We warmly invite our community to peruse the annual report, and to offer any feedback, as we are dedicated to continually improving and providing the best possible education to our students and thier families.