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Congratulations to the MFIS Class of 2023

Congratulations (Mubarak)!
Congratulations to the MFIS Class of 2023 for their HSC results. We are incredibly proud of the entire cohort on their individual and collective efforts this year. May Allah (swt) bless all their achievements.
Behind the numbers are the stories of 168 young men and women from Beaumont Hills, Greenacre Secondary and Hoxton Park, who prayed, learned, discovered, advocated, and played – each with their own definition of success and what they wanted from their time at Malek Fahd Islamic School.
We hope that you have achieved the result you aimed for and pray that Allah (swt) facilitates your path ahead with gratitude, fulfilment, and success.
You have graduated from MFIS with more than an ATAR, taking with you spiritual guidance in God-consciousness (taqwa), a desire to continuously refine your moral character (akhlaq) and a commitment to pursue excellence (ihsan) in whatever you do.
We look forward to seeing the positive contributions you will make to the world around you.