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Visit to Liverpool Hospital

The Hoxton Park SRC members, along with Ms Mona Kassem, Head of Campus, and Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Kassar, visited Liverpool Hospital to distribute gifts to ill children. With the generous support of our community, parents, and students, we were able to spread smiles across the faces of many children.
During our visit, we were warmly welcomed by Meridith Cross, Executive Officer to the General Manager and Registered Nurse Nan Nyugen. We truly appreciate their hospitality and kind words of gratitude. Not only did the gifts bring joy to the children, but the staff also felt greatly supported by our community. We are happy to have made a positive impact and will continue to do so in the future.
The staff at Liverpool Hospital wished our community a blessed Eid and will look forward to our contributions next year. We are delighted to have shared this meaningful experience with them, creating a bond of compassion and community.