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Speaker1: My name is Laura Baker and I’m a proud Okulu and Kerala woman from far North Queensland. I was born in Townsville. I spend most of my time on the land. It’s where I feel most at home. I’m very proud to make artwork, to tell my own stories and other stories through my family business. In creating this artwork piece, I drew inspiration from the holistic, nurturing approach at the school. Let’s explore the layers of meaning within this artwork, reflecting the comprehensive well-being of each student. Physically, these elements represent the presence of all staff for the physical well-being of the students. Intellectually, the lines represent the learning process of each student and how they don’t all look the same. Emotionally, the circles show the community involved in the school to nurture each child individually. Morally, the overlapping dots show the care of individuals towards each other. Socially, the group of dots show the importance of building positive social interactions vocationally. The dots represent the career journey of each student on their vocational pathway religiously. The arch lines show the religious principle that overarch the entire school community. Our school, the meeting place, represents the whole school and all the elements required to holistically nurture each and every student. Thank you for the opportunity to create this artwork piece for you, and I hope the shirts and lanyards bring joy to the community. This artwork is a visual tapestry woven with the core values of Memphis. More than art. It’s a celebration of students growth and development within their supportive community.