Parent Portal Registration - Tutorial

MFIS Parent Portal - Registration Instructions

Mobile Registration Instructions

Please click the link below to follow the instructions to set up the parent portal on your mobile device.

Download and use Sentral Parents App guide

Links to download the Sentral Parent Portal App:

download on apple app store

download google play

Desktop Registration Instructions

1)      An email is sent to you from with details of your login and access key.

2)      Open a browser and go to

3)      Click Register here to create an account.

4)      Fill in the following details as shown below.


a.       Email (Must use the email registered to the school)

b.       Password (create your own password, make sure you have uppercase, lowercase and numbers in the password)

c.       Schools (select the campus of your child/children)

d.       Click on the green button Create Account bottom of page to create the account


5)      A screen appears below.

6)      You should receive a Welcome email from your email address, click on the Verify button to verify your account.

7)      A new window will open. Enter the email address and password you just created and click Log in

8)      A screen will appear:

9)      To add your child to the Parent Portal, click on My Access as shown above.

10)   Click and enter the key (refer back to the email from

11)   Click

12)   Your child's name will appear. You will have access to many resources such as Newsletter, Attendance, Parent Teacher Interview, etc.

If you need assistance, email

You can also refer to Sentral Parent Portal FAQs for more information: